Looking for a data backup solution which provides reliability and security you can trust?


As a busy SME, we realise that you need a backup solution which will store your data and keep it safe, so you can focus on running your business with the knowledge that the data is there when it’s needed.

What your business will get with Backups Anywhere:

Safety – Data backup which you can trust for complete peace of mind.

Easy interface – Client based software which makes backup management and scheduling easy for you or your IT department.

Dependability & redundancy – Up-to-the-minute backups which are always secure and ready to be used in the event of data loss. Backups which can be automatically made at any time – 24 hours a day. Secure file replications made and stored on multiple servers for maximum redundancy.

Security – AES encryption and secure HTTPS transfers to ensure safety of even the most sensitive files.

Around the clock access from anywhere – Cloud technology allows you to securely access and restore data 24x7x365 – all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

First class support – Data backup experts who can provide easy, straightforward and stress-free help.

In our view, one of the most important parts of choosing the right backup service is the peace of mind provided.That’s why we focus so much on reliability, security and redundancy, so even in the event of even the worst possible data disaster, your files will ALWAYS be available and ready to be restored at a moment’s notice.

Ideal for SME’s – small and medium enterprises

Our backup solutions are built to be ideal for SME’s – whether you have no on-site IT help, a single IT professional, or a full IT department.

Learn more about our services:

Online backups – Use our software to back up your data to our server vaults

Onsite backups – We’ll supply the hardware and software so you can do it all yourself with our support

Technology – Learn about the storage, security and technology behind your backups




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