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What happens in the event of data loss?

It’s very simple. Just log in to our software, access your backup account, select the files you would like to restore, and then click start. Your files will be downloaded from our system, decompressed, decrypted, and then restored to their original condition on your computer systems. If you need support at any time during this process, our team will be available to help.

I’m concerned about the reliability of the backup. What do you do to ensure the highest levels of reliability?

Our backups are all about redundancy, which is why your files are never just stored in a single hard drive. They’re encrypted and held within our network of backup systems, which is a concept known as ‘cloud computing’. This means that a copy of your files will ALWAYS exist, no matter what happens to your systems or even our own. They’re also instantly retrievable from the Internet to make backing up and data restoration easier than ever before – all whilst being extremely secure.

How is the business data backed up?

That depends on the backup solution you choose. If you select online backup, then your data will be encrypted and sent to our backup servers through an internet connection. This allows for simple backups and data recovery.

With onsite backup, you will be able to backup your data directly to your own on-site secure server – which we will supply and install. The data will also be replicated to our own off-site storage for complete peace of mind.

These two options give you the choice of the most suitable backup method for your business. Click the links for each respective service to find out more.

How is it backups ‘anywhere’?

We use cloud computing which is directly connected to the web. This means that you can securely access all of your backed up data no matter where you are in the world. All you need is an internet connection, a computer and your login details.

If I delete or change a file, how long is the original backup copy kept for?

By default, modified or deleted files are stored for 7 days. However, you can configure this within the software user interface and set a specified length of time. You can even retain daily, weekly, and monthly backups for different amounts of time.

How does the backup software encrypt the data?

Before your data is compressed a copied over to the backup server it is encrypted using AES (either 128 or 256 bit). This encryption is based on a key for each backup set. By default this key is the same as the password set on your online backup account. You must have this key in order to restore and decrypt the files, so it is critical that your password is kept safe. Without your key, you would be unable to restore your encrypted files.

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