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Want to offer first-class backup services without the need for servers and infrastructure?


At BackupsAnywhere, we’ve been providing comprehensive backup solutions for modern small to medium sized businesses for over 15 years. You can now take advantage of our expertise, technology and knowledge with our‘ white label’ backup reseller service.

The premise is simple. You can sell backup solutions to your clients, and we’ll handle the actual data backup with our state-of-the-art systems. You can then offer professional backup services which are renowned for security, reliability and redundancy – all without a single hard disk in sight.

For resellers, we can offer competitive rates in a market which is now more lucrative than ever. As the Internet becomes a larger part of business across the globe, more and more businesses are seeking professional backup solutions to secure their data. In fact, many businesses can now almost completely rely on data stored on their hard disks. That’s why it’s worth offering reliable backup services which protect against such dangerous data loss.

Ideal as an independent or additional service

You can use our reseller service to create a business which focuses solely on providing backup solutions to SME’s. It’s also perfect if you want to offer backup services alongside your existing business services – such as web designing,web development, IT support, telecommunication, hardware/software retailing and many more.

What we can provide

Backup solutions – Your clients can upload their business files to our state-of-the-art backup systems

Software – Your clients can use our simple unbranded software to manage their account and schedulebackups

First-class support – You can refer clients to our unbranded support system if they ever require assistancewith their backups

Get in touch now to learn more

If you’re interested in our backup reseller services, then we can begin by having a no-obligation chat about your plans. Our team is here and ready to answer any questions and discuss your requirements. Click here to get in touch.

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