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Online backups – Send your data through the web to our secure backup vaults


A straightforward, professional and affordable backup solution for small to medium sized enterprises. Simply install our software on your IT systems and use the internet back up all your business data to our secure backup servers. We’ll then take care of your backups and give you complete peace of mind while you focus on running your business.

The software – Your access to your backups

To keep things simple, we provide a software interface which allows you to manage and access your backups with us. This can be used to backup files, restore files, set schedules and more. It’s simple enough for any computer novice to use, but it still provides complex functionality which makes it ideal for an IT department or any IT personnel.

Reliability and redundancy – Not one backup, but two

In our opinion, one backup just isn’t enough for complete reliability, so once your encrypted data is uploaded to our backup systems, it will be replicated and sent to a SECOND backup server. Both of these systems are state-of-the-art, housed in secure data centres and built for the utmost reliability. You can learn more about the technology behind your backups here.

Security – Military-grade AES encryption and secured connections

You might be backing up your files through the Internet, but your data couldn’t be safer. All data is AES encrypted to the highest standard and then backed up to our servers through a direct HTTPS secure connection. In short, your data will be safe and secure from start to finish, and the only people able to access it will be you and your chosen staff members. Even we won’t be able to access your backed up files.

Online backups also include the following features:

Set automatic backup scheduling with our software – Any time, any day, any month, any year – you choose

Continuous data protection (CDP) – Our backup software will monitor every computer in real-time and automatically backup any files which have just been created or modified. This provides up-to-the-second backups of the latest files.

Incremental backups and in-file delta technology - Why backup the same set of files over and over again? Make one backup of all files, and then the software will only backup files which have been modified or created. This allows up-to-date backups with minimal bandwidth usage.

Contact us now for your 30 day free trial

Our team is ready to discuss your backup requirements and create your 30-day no obligation FREE trial. Just click here to get in touch. Also, feel free to learn more about the storage, security and technology behind our backup services.

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