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Onsite backups – We’ll install all the hardware and software on your own premises so you can back up on-site


We will install storage hardware on your premises and install our software on your IT systems. You can then backup and restore data on-site. Ideal if you would prefer a more independent and stand-alone system.

The storage

For on-site backups, we will supply and install a Network-Attached Storage (NAS) backup server on your premises. This hardware is similar to that which we use for our online backup services, and is built for the utmost reliability, redundancy and security. You can learn more about the technology behind our storage by clicking here.

The software

We will install our backup software on your IT systems and connect it to your on-site NAS device, so backups are ready to be made from any computer system on your network. This software provides full control and can be used to backup files, restore files, set schedules and more. It’s simple enough for any computer novice to use, but it still provides high functionality which makes it ideal for any IT personnel. You can learn more about the technology behind our software by clicking here.

Off-site replicated storage available for optimum redundancy

Redundancy is very important when it comes to reliable backups. There’s a much lower risk of any data loss if more than one backup of your data is available. That’s why we offer off-site replicated storage on our own state-of-the-art servers. This means that your data is backed up to your on-site NAS, and then this data is replicated and securely sent to our backup servers as well. Because the data will also be compressed, the whole process is highly efficient and allows large amounts of data to be replicated in a relatively short period of time – saving resources and bandwidth.

Security – Military-grade AES encryption and secured connections

On-site storage still needs to be secure, and your data needs to be safely sent to our replication servers. That’s why our software encrypts all of your backup data with the highest grade of AES encryption, so it can only be accessed by staff of your choosing (even we can’t access your files). When it comes to replication backup, your data will be encrypted and sent via a secure HTTPS connection to our backup servers. You can learn more about the security behind our storage by clicking here.

Just like online backups, our on-site backups include the following features:

• Set automatic backup scheduling with our software – Any time, any day, any month, any year – you choose

Continuous data protection (CDP) – Our backup software will monitor every computer in real-time and automatically backup any files which have just been created or modified. This provides up-to-the-secondbackups of the latest files.

Incremental backups and in-file delta technology – Why backup the same set of files over and over again? Make one backup of all files, and then the software will only backup files which have been modified orcreated. This allows up-to-date backups with minimal bandwidth usage.

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