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Our backup solutions rely on four key elements:


Storage – State of the art hard drives and equipment which is built for backups

Security – AES encryption and HTTPS secure data transfer

Cloud computing –The use of the internet to store data off-site, improve redundancy and provide worldwide access

Our staff – Backup experts who know how to provide ideal backup solutions for SME’s

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) – Near real-time backups

Our software is installed with a CDP system. This means that the software will constantly monitor selected computers and files. If any of those files are modified, the software will back up the new versions to our off-site backup servers - within minutes of the changes being made. This means that there will ALWAYS be a completely up-to-date backup of your files.

Incremental backups with in-file delta technology – Only back up new or modified files

There’s little point in backing up a file which hasn’t been changed since the last backup. This just results in wasted time and bandwidth resources. The incremental backup features means that our software will monitor all of the computer systems and only backup files which have been modified or new files which have been created. Older files will remain on our backup servers at all times.

Our client-side software

This piece of software is used to access your backup account and adjust a whole host of features, such as:

• Automatic scheduling

• CDP settings

• File retention settings

• Single file back-ups

• Single or multi-file restoration

• And much more

This software is designed to run on all modern computers with the most popular operating systems - including Microsoft Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 2003 and 2008), Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, Netware 5.1+ and more.

Our software is also designed to be highly customisable and easily integrates with various databases and other systems - such as Microsoft Exchange Server 2000/2003/2007, MS SQL Server 7.0+, Lotus Domino/Notes 5.0+, Oracle8i+, MySQL 4.0+ and more.

Integration with these systems also allows us to make use such features as in-file delta technology and Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Copy.

Our expert staff would be happy to talk with your IT personnel to explain more about how we can use various technologies to make your backup solutions perfect for your business.

A-click Backup also available – ideal for simpler backup needs

Instead of our normal backup software, A-click is available for those who have very simple backup needs. Straightforward backups and restorations can be carried out with merely a few clicks. Not to worry though. A-click might be the simpler alternative, but it still comes with the key features - such as automatic file compression, automatic encryption, incremental backups and data replication.

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