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How we make sure your backup files are 100% secure...


Security can be just as important as reliability – especially if your business relies on sensitive data. This is how we make sure that your data is completely secure and can only ever be accessed by you and your chosen members of staff

Military grade 128-bit/256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

‘Military grade’ might just seem like a buzz word, but it’s true. Your files will be secured with the same level of encryption which military bodies use on their most sensitive data. AES is the most modern form of encryption standard, and it’s now universally used by governments, military bodies and corporations. This means that only you and your chosen staff can access your backup account. Even the BackupsAnywhere staff are unable to access files stored on our servers.

All files sent through HTTPS

When you use the Internet to send your backup files to our servers, they will be sent through a secure HTTPS connection. This encrypted transfer protocol is used for such things as online transactions, online banking, and other situations where extremely sensitive data is sent across the web.

Every client and account treated with the highest levels of confidence

Our expert staff are experienced in backing up various forms of SME client data – from customer records, to company accounts, to secret files and even sensitive financial details. We make sure each client has a tailored backup solution which gives them complete peace of mind.

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