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Your business data will be held in a state-of-the-art hard disk storage system, which is designed for security, reliability and redundancy.

Tape or disk? We choose disk

For an all-round better backup choice, we store your data on modern hard disks which offer vast improvements compared to the aging tape-based systems. You can find out more about tape vs disk here.

The storage system

Our storage systems use state-of-the-art hard disks which are industry-renowned for reliability and security. They’re stored in our data centre and monitored 24/7 by automated technology which is controlled by expert staff. This ensures that every piece of data remains as safe as possible.

The hard disks operate at optimum temperature and humidity conditions within a shock and vibration free environment. This helps to ensure maximum longevity of every piece of hardware.

All data is store on a iSCSI based storage area network (SAN) which is built for expandability and flexibility when it comes to data back-up. All SAN storage uses RAID5 based for the highest levels of resilience.


When our system encrypts your data to transfer it to the backup servers, it will also compress your files to save space and bandwidth. This means that a 256 gigabyte account could store up to 350-500 gigabytes of actual data. Because of this, only a broadband connection of up to 2mbps is sufficient to deal with frequent incremental backups of every business file.


Redundancy is vital, and a backup is at its most reliable when there’s more than one copy. That’s why we replicate all your backed up data to another secure server, so there are two copies and much less risk. Your encrypted data will be sent from your premises to our primary servers, and then a replication will be sent to our secondary set of servers. As more backups are made, our system will automatically store the latest copies in both the primary and secondary replication servers.

Data centre

Data is stored in a state-of-the-art data centre in London. This data centre contains high levels of security, such as 24/7 CCTV, proximity card readers, intruder detection, fire detection, automated fire suppression and locked server vaults. The servers are continuously patrolled by security guards and technical experts 24x7x365. This results inincredibly reliable and secure servers with 99.999% uptime.

Virtualised system technology

Our backup servers operate using a VMware virtual infrastructure for great flexibility in maintaining smooth and continuous server operation.

Continuous monitoring

We have an independent monitoring infrastructure which continuously watches over all hardware, software and networking. This means that any problems can be identified and resolved well before they impact services.

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