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Why we choose disk instead of tape...


In the backup industry, there’s an age-old battle of tapes vs hard disks as the ideal backup solution. In the past, tape was the preferred choice as it had a strong cost advantage and was the leading technology at the time.

However, hard drives are now cheaper, rugged and more reliable than ever, and that’s why we now use the latest hard disks available to backup all client data. Here are a few reasons:

Random access

Tape is tape, so it needs to be ‘rewound’ or ‘fast forwarded’ to find specific pieces of information. This effectively makes backups and restorations of certain files very time consuming.

Hard disks, on the other hand, can find files and information within mere milliseconds.

Reliability and life

Modern hard discs now have a higher MTBF than ever (mean time between failure), which makes them incredibly reliable compared to tape alternatives. When they’re properly looked after and maintained in our servers, they will last as long as they’re ever required.

Plus, tape backups have a limited number of read/write cycles, whereas hard disks have no limitation.


With our high-speed infrastructure, data transfer rates are vastly superior to tape systems. You can backup and restore data far faster than ever before.


Hard disks can be connected directly to the web through encryption, so if you choose our online service, then you can backup and restore files in seconds and with ease – all you need is a computer and an internet connection.


Any backup solution which uses a disk-to-disk SAN based system can in most circumstances prove cheaper to install and maintain than a tape based system. This is especially true with larger data backup requirements, where the alternative tape library system can be expensive to purchase and maintain. Using disks allows us to pass these savings onto you.

All-in-all, hard disk backup is the modern and far superior option.

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